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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence hence is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle




We offer professional payroll services: Evidence of working hours and all related elements such as holidays, medical absences, unpaid absences, special events, maternity leave and so on. Processing of all elements for payroll calculation. Completion of the payroll specific monthly declarations (D112), online depositing. Completion of all monthly payroll related documents (payslips, cost center reports,…
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Services for Foreigners

Consultancy and specialized services regarding foreign workers (EU and non-EU): Obtaining the work/detachment authorization for Romania, A1 form; Extension of residence/work permit in Romania; Residence registration of EU and non-EU citizens; Support in preparing application documents:  translations, legalization, notary authentication and others; Legal representation before Romanian authorities involved in immigration and working in Romania; Accommodation…
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EXCELLENCE 4 HR – Training Programs

Invest in your human resources professionals to help them meet organizational changes. EXCELLENCE 4 HR - a unique training and development concept aiming to help HR specialists and managers improve their technical knowledge and skills. Under EXCELLENCE4HR we bring together a series of seminars and workshops dedicated to those HR professionals seeking to improve their…
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Recruitment and selection

Through our professional team of recruiters, we can assist you in identifying and selecting the right candidates for your company. We cover specialists and top management positions. Contact us in order to learn more about this service.      
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