“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence hence is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle


We offer professional payroll services:

  • Evidence of working hours and all related elements such as holidays, medical absences, unpaid absences, special events, maternity leave and so on.
  • Processing of all elements for payroll calculation.
  • Completion of the payroll specific monthly declarations (D112), online depositing.
  • Completion of all monthly payroll related documents (payslips, cost center reports, taxes and so on).
  • Completion and depositing to the Social Insurances Authority of the requests to recover the amounts covered by FNUASS for medical certificates.
  • Completion of the accounting notes for payroll calculation.
  • Completion of reports regarding holidays balances, unpaid absences and so on.
  • Completion of various reports regarding personnel costs, according to the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Payroll calculation for non-residents.