“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence hence is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotle


Services for Foreigners

Consultancy and specialized services regarding foreign workers (EU and non-EU): Obtaining the work/detachment authorization for Romania, A1 form; Extension of residence/work permit in Romania; Residence registration of EU and non-EU citizens; Support in preparing application documents:  translations, legalization, notary authentication and others; Legal representation before Romanian authorities involved in immigration and working in Romania; Accommodation…
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EXCELLENCE 4 HR – Training Programs

Invest in your human resources professionals to help them meet organizational changes. EXCELLENCE 4 HR - a unique training and development concept aiming to help HR specialists and managers improve their technical knowledge and skills. Under EXCELLENCE4HR we bring together a series of seminars and workshops dedicated to those HR professionals seeking to improve their…
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Performance appraisal & KPIs

If you seek to improve your employees' performance we can support you through: Assistance in setting performance objectives and KPI's; Drawing up of the documents used during the employees’ performance appraisal process and correlating them with the general HR documentation (Internal Regulations, Collective Labor Agreement and so on); Training of the team to carry out…
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